AG3400 Economy planetary gear units with output flange

AG3400 | Economy planetary gear units with output flange

The planetary gear units with output flange in the AG3400 economy series are a cost-efficient alternative to our high-end AG2400 gears. The gears, which are available in single-stage and dual-stage versions, are compatible in their mating dimensions with those of the high-end AG2400 series and enable the user to implement applications with lower demands on dynamics, torque and accuracy in a very cost-effective manner. The AG3400 series is available in standard and high-torque versions for AM8000 and AM8500 servomotors. The gear ratios are finely scalable and range from 3 to 100.



  • equipped with output flange
  • standard version for applications with high positioning accuracy in dynamic cyclical operation; high-torque version for high-torque applications
  • 5 sizes with up to 21 gear ratios
  • acceleration torques from 18 to 700 Nm
  • high efficiency and high power density
  • high radial and axial forces with low torsional backlash
  • lubricated for life
  • IP 64 protection rating; any installation position
  • integrated into TC Motion Designer for optimal specification
Technical dataAG3400
Type of gearplanetary gear
Variantstandard MF
Life span> 20,000 h
Coating/surfaceRAL7016 (grey)
Ambient temperature-15…+40 °C
Lubricationlubricated for life
Installation positionvariable
Protection classIP 64
Mechanically compatible withflange code F (typical combination according to specifications)
Feather key grooveaccording to DIN 6885 P1
Design formplanetary gear with output flange
Sizes5 sizes (LP050, LP070, LP090, LP120, LP155)
Gear ratiosup to 21 gear ratios

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